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There are different types Shipment Services can be done either nationally or internationally. Each has different ways of transporting goods, the payment is made and the type of goods or items to transport. There is a different kind of shipping services which are freight shipping, container shipping, international shipping, etc.

Freight Shipping is when goods are transported from one place to another by any means. Depending on the destination of the goods, freight can use road, sea and air medium to transport items.

Container Shipping is when a container is loaded with items and brought to port. Port container movement is computerized.

International Shipping is when goods are delivered between countries. It can be challenging and expensive for any business.

But, we will look at freight shipping services. Freight Shipping is mainly used in any business so choosing a freight mode you will consider: the freight cost, speed, type of goods, number of shipments, the urgency of the items, distance, weight and safety. We will take a look at the common types of freight transportation and their benefits.

• Shipping by Air: It is the fastest mode of shipping goods, it is the convenient form of shipping and it can access any regions regardless of the land obstruction. It is regarded as the best shipping mode for perishable goods and also the most expensive compared to the other modes of shipping. The benefits of Air Shipping are fast delivery, it can take 1 or 2 days for packages to reach its owner in any country, convenient mode of shipping, etc.
• Shipping by Land: It is the oldest form of shipping goods. Land shipping is best used across neighbouring borders or within a country. This shipping is can of cheaper than other modes of shipping. The benefits of Land Shipping are: it is cheaper, extensive and can be used for bulk goods.
• Shipping by Sea: Shipping through the sea is used to transport comparatively larger quantities of products via cargo ships where goods are packed in containers and the containers are loaded into a vessel. The benefits of Sea Shipping are: it is safe, it is cheap and it can carry larger quantities of items.

Factors that affect Freight Shipping
• Shipping Mode
• Freight Classification
• Weight of the Shipment
• Fuel Cost
• The density of the Shipment
• Distance
• Tariff Rates
• Negotiation Rates

Types of Shipping Methods
Mode of transportation has its advantages and disadvantages depending on the type of your shipping needs. Shipping as its rules and regulations governing it. The different types of shipping methods are:
• Haulage
• Expedited Freight
• Sea Transport
• Full Truckload/ FTL Shipping
• Parcel Shipping
• Less than Truckload or LTL Shipping
• Fragile goods
• International Shipping
• Pallet Shipping
• Trailer Service
These modes of shipping play an important role in many establishments. It could be a solution to one business or not useful to another business. The modes are different in terms of price, transaction, distance, commodities.

Categories of Shipping
Ships are classified into:-
• Container Ships: It is a vessel structured to carry huge quantities of cargo packed together in different containers.
• Passenger Ships: As the name imply, it is used to transit passenger from one place to another. It is classified as Ferries and Cruise ship.
• Offshore Ships: It is mainly used in oil exploration. Several types of offshore ships include:- drillship, pipe layers, accommodation barges, production platform, diving vessels, supply ships, floating cranes, etc.
• Tanker Ships: It is used to carry a large amount of liquid cargo. They are sub-divided into; oil tanker, liquefied gas carrier, chemical carriers, product carrier, etc.
• Roll-on/Roll-off Ships: These are used to carry wheeled cargo.
• Fishing Vessel: It is used for commercial fishing at sea. It is classified into two types – trawlers vessel and non-trawling vessel.


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