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Providing World-class services since 2007

We are global maritime service company. Established by a team of experienced maritime professionals, our aim is to provide vast range of services within maritime industry around the world.
Our shipping operations are coordinated by the NIGERIA Head Office in Lagos, with the support of our operation offices located in Cotonou, Togo, Benin Republic, Ghana, Singapore, India, Brazil and Bangladesh, Cameroon. Our global office enable us to take up challenge ahead of time with our steamless worldwide connectivity and immerse expertise we commit to giving you great services anytime anywhere.

Our vision: To be a leader, and recognized globally as a leading Shipping and marine services company operating and providing services to clients in West Africa and internationally.

Our Mission: To create value for our customers and other stakeholders by being a sustainable shipping company.

Our Values: Responsibility: We are committed to improving themselves personally and pursuing the best balance between cost competitiveness, and economic, social, and environmental requirements. Innovation: We inspire each other to drive creativity in the pursuit of new business and in search of optimal solutions – going beyond the obvious.

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Our highest priorities are the safety and health of all those who work in our operations and the care of the environment. We are committed to obtaining excellent results in our business by applying work processes that minimize risk to people, the environment.

It is essential that the members of the kings hipping trading respect every one another regardless of gender, race, color, religion, sexual orientation, or any other difference in thought or lifestyle, always in keeping with our values and with west African law. We owe the same respect to the communities we live in and to those with which we are associated.

Responsibility has two sides; our rights, which we must exercise fully and our duties, which are related to our decisions concerning the business under our responsibility, the environment, the communities, collaborators and our client. At King shipping trading, we call that “taking authority”

It is our aim to maintain relations and communications that are clear, open, and consistent with our colleagues and clients at any level of this company and with other stakeholders. We are open to sharing the way we think and act, and to sincerely listen to the opinions of others.

We must be consistent in what we say and what we do, therefore, we consider sincerity and honesty to be fundamental.

We passionately believe that we can choose our destiny. We are freely able to make decisions in line with our aspirations for growth and development. We value leadership, participation, innovation, adaptability and teamwork.