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We act as your local representative to arrange for vessel arrivals and departures; port stays; legal paperwork for intra-port movements in port master and harbor, immigration, customs and port health aspects.

Assessment procedures

Whether ships come into port during their journey overseas or are brought in for regular maintenance and services prior to a long departure, there’s a particular ship husbandry service that is worth hearing more about. It’s a testing procedure that tests vessels for cleanliness to ensure they are suitable to be out at sea and in a marine environment in general. This can encompass everything from the condition of the ship to finding leaks that can contaminate the water.

Ship maintenance

Ship maintenance and repairs can range from small tasks to huge undertakings, depending on the kind of attention your ship needs or what you want done. The list of vessel components that require regular cleaning is extensive, but here are the most commonly requested maintenance needs that a ship husbandry staff will work to complete:

  • Cleaning container ships, military cargo ships, dry-bulk cargo ships, liquid petroleum tankers, product tankers and nitrogen gas tankers is a key component of maintenance.
  • Vessel repair services are also available, whether repair needs are known or discovered during professional maintenance while in port.
  • Underwater ship husbandry maintenance services include hull cleaning to remove organism growth and propeller polishing, and repairs like welding needs, repair of fiberglass shaft coating and painting after repairs are made.

Various preparations and notifications

Not only can a ship husbandry service coordinate cargo operations, they will also assist with document preparation—like pre-arrival attendance, berth applications and document submission. And if you need clearance for your vessel’s arrival and departure, they can help secure that with the appropriate authorities so you don’t run into shipping delays. If you are in the market for the most reliable agency for ships husbandry, look no further than KING SHIPPING TRADING. Providing all levels of quality ship husbandry services is our specialty, and you can rest assured that your vessel is receiving the attention it needs.

King Shipping Trading Team is proud and ready to provide quality shipping and / or shipping agent services to ship owners, charterers and operators in all our ports. Whatever the mode of operation (regular line or tramping), we operate all types of vessels.

King Shipping Trading are equipped with modern means of communication, the team is constantly trained through courses and workshops to meet all the demands of the day and adapt to all international standards. Feel free to contact us with questions!


  • Air and sea travel ticketing
  • Medical checkups
  • Launch boat services and port transfers
  • Accommodation in hotels or service apartments
  • Airport meet and land transfers
  • Ship spares custom clearance (tax exemptions)
  • Supply boat coordination
  • Delivery arrangements
  • Class survey, P&I Insurance
  • Coordinating de-slopping and waste-oil removal
  • All other ship requirements in-port or off-port limits
  • Fresh water supply
  • Garbage disposal of all categories 
  • Maritime Port Authority dues
  • Maritime Welfare Fees
  • Pilotage fees (in, outward and shifting)
  • Launch hires
  • Communications and miscellaneous charges

To ease billing reference, we provide a full Agency Service Report entailing all services provided, as well as a record of ship spares, with the Master and Superintendent’s acknowledgement.